DI16 no.solutions

Work In Progress Show

  • Private View
  • Join us for a screening and live performances
  • 27th 6-830PM
  • Open
  • 27th 12-5PM
  • 28th & 29th 12-8PM
  • 30th 11-6PM
  • 31st 11-3PM

Link to the Schedule PDF / Poster

In Design Interactions we explore encounters between people and technology, preferring questions to solutions. We vie to broaden design, cross the borders between disciplines, and embrace the complexities of being human. In conversation with a range of invited practitioners and theorists, we are navigating possibilities offered by experimentation, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Follow us on Twitter in the run up to our final show. Beginning March 1st, each week a student will post a short essay here on no.solutions delving into their research.

no.solutions / @SolutionsNo